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Diva for The month of March 

Ember is such a strong, smart and beautiful women. I look to her for advice and look up to her a lot she may not know this but it's true. She is super sexy and I've enjoyed our friendship thus far and I know this friendship is forever! Here are some extremely hot pictures of this amazing lady.... the pictures don't do her justice... She is stunning. Enjoy!

Model/Actress' Name: Ember Wulluf, my friends call me Em
Email Address:
Rez Date: 11/19/2008

Ella : Why are you interested in modeling and/or Acting for .::Drop Dead Diva Productions::.? 
Ember: Isn’t the fact that Barra and Ella are the coolest to work with enough? All teasing aside, not only are they super cool and easy going , I love their style and am honored to work with them at .::Drop Dead Diva Productions::..
Ella: What is the one thing that you believe separates you from everyone?
Ember: That’s a hard question! I think it’s my personality , I’m laid back, quiet at times but I can let loose when I want to. I love to laugh and have fun which I think in this industry is important And of course the red hair :) Can’t forget about the fabulous red hair!   
Ella: What made you want to enter the adult entertainment industry?
Ember: I think it came from my love of taking pictures. A close friend of mine liked the pictures I took and posted on flickr. He told me about the Sexiest Porn Star group because he felt my images needed more exposure. I joined and really enjoyed seeing others pictures and video's and I was hooked!
Ella: How long do you think you will work in the adult entertainment industry?
Ember: Oh, I don’t see an end at all, I’m enjoying this experience and look forward to having many more.  
Ella: What do you enjoy the most about the industry?
Ember: The people I’ve met.I’ve made some great people that have taught me a lot about the industry as well as became close friends. I expect to continue meeting interesting people and having some amazing experiences.

Ella: Is there something you enjoy doing in your own time? 
Ember: I love taking pictures , creating scenes that are sensual and romantic. My Flickr is : . When I'm not taking pictures, you can find me shopping or hanging out with friends having some laughs.  
Ella: What are your favorite sexual pastimes?
Ember: Being made to cum until my legs are wobbly and weak..
Ella: What sexual activities will you absolutely not perform?
Ember: No water works, Scat, Rape scenes, bestiality or Mutilation.
Ella: How do you feel when you are engaging in sexual activity in second life? 
Ember: Totally sexy, sensual and absolutely turned on knowing I’m satisfying my partner’s needs. 
Ella: What is your Sexual Fantasy?
Ember: I can only list one?  Hmm  ..  I think being tied up and teased relentlessly until I beg for release is a top one.

♔ One of the sexiest couple I know ♔ Love you both ♔

Ella: If you could change one thing about SL, what would it be? 
Ember: I feel sometimes people forget that there are REAL people behind each avatar. What I would like to change is for everyone to realize that behind each avi is a person with a heart and with true feelings, and to treat others with the utmost respect and consideration.. 
Ella: If you could give advice to a new person entering the industry, what would that be? 
Ember: Just have fun and relax..  It's all about the experience ..
Ella: Are you interested in Modeling, Acting or Both? 
Ember: Both

Much Love <3 Ella,Your Prima Donna
Interview Done and edited by: Ella Tyran (Biancca Cuttita)
Pictures Done and Edited by: Barracuz (Manuel Tyran)
Diva Pose made by: Barracuz (Manuel Tyran)
Set Designer: Ella Tyran (Biancca Cuttita)
Brought to you by Drop Dead Diva Productions

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